Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

I am excited to share this tip for two reasons. One that this is a new blog for me after a few failed attempts to keep blogging. And two, this tip is really cool. For the longest time, I kept a bottle of dish soap on my sink. And for the longest time, I would just squirt the soap in the pans or my hands and go through a lot of soap. But, the thought occurred to me one day to put my dish soap in an empty hand pump bottle that was normally used for hand soap. For just a buck at the dollar store, I fond a cute blue and green striped pump bottle for my sink.

Just a pump is all I need to wash a really stubborn dish and a half a pump is all I need to get clean hands. Now I use MUCH less soap and my sink looks pretty minus a bulky sticky soap bottle.
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